of the Czech Rectors Conference on the Situation in Belarus

Prague, 18 August 2020 PDF

Rectors of the Czech Republic higher education institutions (HEIs), members of the Czech Rectors Conference, are following with great concern the recent events in Belarus, where Belarusian citizens seeking for freedom and democracy are persecuted.

To our great regret, this unfortunate events also affect academics and students of HEIs. As an expression of solidarity with Belarusian HEIs and their students, the Czech Republic HEIs will try to design relevant scholarship programs for those interested in studying in the Czech Republic. The specific form and scope of the programs will be published as soon as possible, in the coming weeks.

Together with other countries, members of the European Union, we have to make sure, that Belarus does not find itself in the situation of the Czechoslovakia in 1968, but that it can embark on the path of freedom that we experienced only in 1989 and fortunately we still experience.

Prague, 18 August 2020

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Petr Sklenička
Czech Rectors Conference President