of the Czech Rectors Conference on the Situation Development in Ukraine

Brno, 22 February 2022 PDF

Rectors of Czech Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), members of the Czech Rectors Conference (CRC), are deeply concerned about what is happening in Ukraine and the continuing aggravation of the situation by Russia. CRC considers the events of the last days and hours to be extremely disturbing and serious.

CRC is convinced that every independent state has the right to decide democratically about its future and its future direction. It is completely unacceptable for anyone to be prevented from doing so by coercion, threats, or even military force. Such methods and ways of thinking do not belong to the Europe of the 21st century and CRC strongly and radically rejects them.

CRC has always defended and will continue to defend the principles of fundamental human rights and freedoms, democracy and the peaceful resolution of disputes and problems.

CRC is in this situation – and especially in the case of a further escalation of the situation in Ukraine – ready to support Ukrainian students and academics. At the level of management of HEIs, which are represented by their Rectors in the CRC, there are ongoing debates about which forms of assistance would be most appropriate.

CRC has previously spoken unanimously in favour of offering assistance from individual HEIs represented in the CRC to persecuted Belarusian students and academics, and is ready to show its solidarity in a similar way today.

Brno, 22 February 2022

On behalf of the Czech Rectors Conference

Prof. Martin Bareš

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